Huichol Jicara - Mother Eagle

A must have for those who love ancient Mexican culture. The Huichol culture is pre-Columbian, and its traditions are linked to shamanic ceremonies. Peyote is the centerpiece of Huichol ritualism, revered for its healing properties and its ability to illuminate those involved. The Jicara is an bowl used for peyote rituals.


This wonderful piece of Huichol art is lined with beads and uses designs traditional to Nayarit Mexico. The intricate geometric patterns. This Jícara is meant to symbolize two eagles passing in the night. Eagles are believed to be an embodiment of the Huichol people’s goddess who they call Mother Eagle. She is the queen of Heavens and Mother of Sky with the most admired of all eagles and any other bird too, the Werika.



    • L:   7.5 cms (2.9527 inches)
    • W:  7.5 cms (2.9527 inches)
    • H:  2 cms (0.7874 inches)


    Processing technique: On the figure the Huichol artist is placing beeswax on the whole piece to completely cover subsequently be sticking one by one the beads (glass beads) to complete the piece; in drafting the Huichol artist develops various drawings and representative symbols of their culture and traditions.

    Maintenance: To prevent the tiny beads of glass beads loosen, do not expose this part directly to heat or light, as it can melt the adhesive Campeche wax (beeswax).


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