Kosiv - Ukraine

“I remember when I was very young watching my fathers hands delicately form a lump of clay into an almost living object. It was quite moving to see his hands turn into that earth red colour as though he had poured his soul into the clay. It was something very primitive and true. I would sit next to him for hours mesmerized by the spinning wheel”

Ukrainian Ceramics Clay Handmade.jpg

Born along the banks of Rybnytsya River in Kosiv, Ilya never considered himself an artist. From a young age, however, he immediately took to a fascination with his father's craft, pottery.


While many of his peers moved to more metropolitan cities Illya immersed himself in the Ukranian tradition of pottery. He began to study the history of the Trypillian culture, the first potters in Ukraine some 4000 years ago. From there he studied the different styles and techniques of the 2nd Century Slavic period. As he worked his way from the Golden Horde (Mongol) era to modern 21st century Illyas skills improved.

Today Ilya is one of the most sought after potters in the area. He has taken on the responsibility of preserving an ancient tradition, just like his father. Today he spends most of his time creating beautiful ceramics and educating others on the long history of the craft. Nestled in a modest home near the banks where he was born, he lives with his wife Anna, and son Petro.