Erika Albrecht

Herend, Hungary

“My mother worked in the main porcelain company in Herend. It was the lifeblood of the town and built everything around us. I would visit my mother and watch her hands work on the delicate porcelain. The unique and wonderful scent that filled the air inspired me."


Erika was born in a small town in Hungary, called Herend, where you can find one of the most famous porcelain Manufacturers of Europe, Herend Porcelain. Founded in 1826, and catering to famous clients such as the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, the Sultan of Brunei, and the Habsburg Family. To this day, they continue to make the finest handmade porcelain tableware, and accessories. For Erika and her family, porcelain was always a part of life and inspired their journey.


Herend is also the place where she studied porcelain making and painting. The first period of training was intense, and for six months students would not even be allowed to touch porcelain, but only drew and painted watercolours. Additionally, Erika was required to study the history of art and technical subjects such as the chemistry of porcelain. These dedicated years of practice and theory led to a vast knowledge of the art. Erika makes the porcelain and bone china in her studio, with her own custom casts. Porcelain is a really fine and sensitive material, responding to any movement during the making process. The handmade process gives her pieces a unique uneven character that contrasts with the perfectly painted designs. On this pure canvas, she meticulously hand-paints each of her pieces fusing traditional designs with a contemporary feel. An obsession with fine details leads to exquisite quality in the tableware she creates.


In Herend tradition, Erika has also created bespoke pieces fit for royalty. A commission from the Hampton Court Palace means she has painted reproductions of 18th-century chocolate cups for the rediscovered chocolate kitchens of King George I. Now, many years later and having lived in four countries, she calls London her home. In a time of mass-produced objects, Erika also knows how important the preservation of tradition is. She continues to educate people through porcelain-painting courses, inspiring new generations of Artisans.