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"I think that we must continue to progress towards greater global equality, but we must also make sure that beautiful traditions don't become collateral damage of our pursuits"

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A first-generation American, Charlotte is an artisan pursuing the traditional craft of Wolof weaving. Charlotte's grandmother was originally from Dakar, Senegal, and taught Charlotte's mother how to weave traditionally. While Charlotte herself initially had little interest in it, a trip to Dakar would quickly change that. As she says: "It was in this area of rampant hardships that I discovered some of the most vibrant, resilient, creative and loving peoples on earth." Through her experiences, Charlotte came to absorb much of her heritage, one of which was the artisanal craft of Wolof weaving.

Passed down the maternal line, Wolof weaving was historically a way for women to help ease the economic burden of the family by selling them. Charlotte asked her mother to show her how to weave which she gladly did and the rest, as they say, is history. Today Charlotte continues to make traditional Wolof baskets and accessories, sending much of the money back to her relatives in Dakar helping them like women before her, had.