Experience Their Stories Through Their Craft

At Mementio we believe to preserve culture and traditions we have to listen. Here we've made a space for Craftspersons to share their stories, motivations and products. If you are a fellow Artisan why not contact us and become part of the tale!

Monks on a Canoe


Mexico City - Mexico

"My favourite part of Huichol beadwork is how it can be imbued with so many symbols and meanings that if you're not looking carefully you'll miss an important part. I feel that life is very much the same way."



New York City - New York

"I think that we must continue to progress towards greater global equality, but we must also make sure that beautiful traditions don't become collateral damage of our pursuits"

Illya Davydenko Mementio Artisan Ukraine


Kosiv - Ukraine

“I remember when I was very young watching my fathers hands delicately form a lump of clay into an almost living object. It was quite moving to see his hands turn into that earth red colour as though he had poured his soul into the clay. It was something very primitive and true. I would sit next to him for hours mesmerized by the spinning wheel”


Herend - Hungary

“My mother worked in the main porcelain company in Herend. It was the lifeblood of the town and built everything around us. I would visit my mother and watch her hands work on the delicate porcelain. The unique and wonderful scent that filled the air inspired me."